It’s almost December and everyone knows what that means. A certain jolly fellow who comes once a year shall emerge from his workshop…

That’s right, it’s our co-director, Jules! The winter season is when we subject all of our boats to a thorough examination. Punts, whilst nigh-unsinkable, do require repair, maintenance, and therapy to keep them in top condition.

The boat pictured here has been lifted off the river and will be driven away to our secret Cambridgeshire workshop. Once it arrives it must then be allowed to dry. Whilst the boat dries our workshop staff like to do the opposite to themselves, ideally in a nearby pub.

Once dry the boat must be sanded. Then damage to the boat identified and repaired. This can mean anything from replacing a few duckboards and backrests, to replacing the hull, or sometimes just feeding the family of moorhens that live in the back of the punt.

The boats then need to be repainted. Usually in our favourite red, but sometimes the shop runs out of red and we’re forced to pretend that we’re rebranding. Finally the boats will be re-varnished.

And then: It’s time for the boats to dry again, so it’s back the pub for our

thirsty, thirsty workshop team. We are assured it takes approximately three months for the varnish to dry, so we’ll hear from them again in march when the boats are ready to return!